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The Zack's Mighty Tortilla Chips #MightyDipping Sweepstakes has ended.

The winner will be announced on or around
March 22.

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Have you ever gone in for that beautiful scoop of guac, only to snap your chip in half? Now you can dip with confidence! Created with the goal of producing the best tasting tortilla chip that won't break in guacamole, Zack's Mighty Tortilla Chips use a traditional Tortilla-First production process to create a strong and tasty chip with Superior Dippability!

Zack’s Mighty partnered with organic farmers across the U.S. to grow an almost extinct but absolutely delicious heirloom flint corn for their chips. They are cut from freshly baked tortillas, then fried to the perfect crispiness and sprinkled with sea salt as they come sizzling out of the fryer. We can hear our stomachs growling!

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